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Originally Posted by drive by72 View Post
Burbans are nice. Especially the newer ones. Boss has one fully loaded, it's basically a Cadillac without the badges.

It's a shame you can't get them in diesels anymore. LML Suburban would be sickkkkkkk
Not looking at new ones, just in the same price range as what we have currently. There's no GMT800 that has even a halfway passable interior IMO, including the Escalade.

Originally Posted by dc_wright View Post
LOL, about the only thing bigger than the 'burb would be an Excursion.....

at least anything with 2 axles
Tell me about it. She said she wanted something SMALLER than the ROVER, a fun sporty sedan. Now we go to the Burban? ullshairout:
Originally Posted by Shigeta View Post
Oh my God... That car is absolutely gorgeous.. I would own that in an instant.
I plan to. And then sell it. Taking offers now.
Originally Posted by FenderBender View Post
Chad, get a Tahoe, same thing only a tad smaller. A suburban isn't needed unless you have a HUGE family lol.

True, that's pretty cheap to rent a trailer. I wouldn't mind doing some towing for money though.
Tahoe has no benefit over the Rover. The reason she wants a Suburban is because we do a lot of joint events with family and friends and always end up taking multiple cars. with a Burb we would have 7-8 seats and cargo room. With a Tahoe, we could squeeze people in the back but then would have no room for cargo. I'm trying to convince her that it's fine to take two cars, but she says it's more fun........

Originally Posted by cj.surr View Post
Ah, I love suburbans. It's comfortable to sit in the back even with the max passenger capacity.
GORGEOUS sig photo dude.
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Ok...this is getting ridiculous. Someone come buy a few of these things.

Originally Posted by SlimKlim View Post
You're a derbanana