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Scratch my earlier post. This probably has nothing to do with tranny fluid. Regardless, take your car in for an undercarriage inspection to clear it of all leaks etc.

I think your problem may likely be a bad throttle position sensor. Once many moons ago, my engine just bloody cut out while i was about to negotiate a turn at high speed. The steering stiffened bigtime, but I managed to brake and turn sufficiently to avoid harm. The engine cut out once or twice again when I made U turns. The problem was the throttle position sensor.

Unplug the sensor, clean it and the connection with contact cleaner, blow dry, dab dielectric grease onto both and plug it back in. Then drive the car and see if the problem is fixed. Pull out your error codes and see if anything is reflected. After cleaning the tps (the sensor I just referred to), delete the error codes then drive and see if the problem is fixed.

If the problem gets fixed.....i would suggest that you have the sensor replaced anyway for safety reasons. Its only $50 oem, and can be done easily by yourself in about 5-15 minutes.

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