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Originally Posted by kpgray View Post
I can reiterate a couple of things I have learned here. The 328i although rated at 240HP seems to be more like 240HP at the wheels. I believe a few tests have confirmed this on the Dynos. The two advantages of the 328i is the weight distribution and the economy. The weight distribution on a 328i RWD with Manual is an incredible 49.5%/50.5% Front/Rear! This distribution makes for a light agile drive that some find more fun than the raw power of the 335i. The mileage increases on the Manual to 34 MPG but many reporting significantly higher! The distribution on the 335i RWD is 50.9%/49.1% Front Rear and the mileage drops on the 335 with the manual to 30 MPG. That being said, the raw power of the 335i in sport mode is intoxicating!
Yes to the above, but an important distinction:

We tend to average 38 MPH on a yearly basis, spend most of our time shuttling the kids to football practice in 30 MPH zones, moving from stop sign to stop sign in residential neighborhoods in 25 MPH zones, occasionally getting on a larger road to hit 50 MPH to get to the local Nordstroms, getting into the fast lane on the interstate and joining the flow at 80 MPH.

For that type of driving reality, the 328i is superior to the 335i. It's lighter, more nimble, and faster off the line, throw in the fuel economy and it's a no brainer. The only logical place for the 335i is in Germany on the Autobahn where those extra horses make a difference during high speed passing or cruising at 120 MPH. In this country, it's excessive and wasteful.

If the 335i never existed, everyone would be praising the 328i for the fantastic car it is. But because the 335i exists, it somehow makes people feel less about the 328i even though it now trumps the 335i in every meaningful way when it comes to realistic daily residential driving.

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