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15W-40 synthetic?? Most 90s BMWs were originally speced for conventional oil. When they went synthetic, they used 5W-30, pretty much across the board. And changing the oil does not 0 the indicator, you have to do that yourself. A quick search will find the two pins in the connector under the hood to short together.

I am not a big fan of RedLine fluids. I use BMW tranny fluid in the tranny and Mobil 1 in the diff. One serious autocrosser found that his diff temp went down 20 degrees just be switching from RedLine to Mobil 1. In the tranny, RedLine comes out very watery and discolored after not too many miles. I have heard very good things about Royal Purple tranny flid.

Brake fluid is not hard for one person. Once you realize that gravity bleeding works GREAT. Remove old fluid from reservoir, fill with fresh fluid. Start with right rear caliper, attach tube and open bleeder. Walk around, pump pedal a couple of times to flush. The just let the car sit for 10 minutes of so. The fluid will gravity bleed. Close bleeder, go to left rear. Then right front, then left front. I find I get a firmer pedal with gravity bleeding versus any other method.
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