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It is ur alternator. Most likely u have water cooled alternator. I had same problem. I cut my belts ( they were old) tried to spin it, it doesnt spin. Tried to spin motor pulley it was ok. Replaced alternator, car doesnt crank, replaced integrated supply module, still doesnt start, replaced starter, car fired up for about 30 secs then it gave me tamper protection fault, fuel was cut off. Had to reprogram DME using inpa. When alternator dies it can take out a lot of electrical modules or starter in ur case. Try to take belt off, stin alternator i bet it wont move. Then make sure ur battery is charged enough and try to start it. If it cranks its only ur alternator, if it doesn't then get new integrated supply module (160 something $) if that doesnt help its ur starter. Replacing a starter is a b!tch. Have to to remove left exhaust manifold etc. good luck.
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