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Originally Posted by autoque View Post
Pretty please with sugar on top? DSXMachina? Did I somehow make you upset?
Upset? Heck no. I spent the weekend raking up leaves from too many oak trees, not much time for Bimmerfest. Surprised to find out that you're in South Korea, I don't know anyone in South Korea who I might be able to refer you to. (One of my techs is from S. Korea, but adopted to the US as an infant.)

So now you want to depend on the internet advice of a stranger 12000 miles away for possibly expensive car repairs that might not even work? Hmmm, OK, I'm in. It'syour dough, or wan in this case.

What year and model is your car? What is the mileage? Does the transmission seem to shift properly. Except for the idle roughness does it run normally at other times? When you starti it the first time of the day it idles good and is OK until you stop somewhere, restart the engine and then it runs rough for a while? How long is it rough? If you don't drive it, just sit there, does it stay rough for a long time? If it is rough, you drive it half a mile and then stop, is it still rough?
Are you certain this did not happen until after you had all the engine work done? Is it possible that the engine was running so bad before the repairs that you didn't notice a little idle roughness?
Answer my questions then I will answer yours.
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