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Originally Posted by cwsqbm View Post

Long term, the best solution for pure electric cars I see is easily swappable batteries (and maybe lease the batteries or something like that).
The Fluence has swappable batteries, but the car has not sold well. The Kangoo Z.E. was supposed to have swappable batteries. I'm not sure if that went into the production van. Both have 22kWH packs from the same manufacturer, but they are physically incompatible. Not the same shape or size.

Only Renault sells the shell and leases the battery pack. All other manufacturers sell the pack and the car together. That, a complete lack of standards, costs and not enough cars is going to kill swapping stations before they reach critical mass. Better Place is going to fail.

The UK has a handful of public high speed CHAdeMO DC chargers. Those will force feed a Leaf to full in about 30 minutes. California has more of them -- 20 or 30 I think. But a Leaf's real range is well under 100 miles. It drops to 50 or 60 if you are using the heater.

A Renault Zoe will manage 100+ miles if you drive carefully. The Zoe will fast charge, but the Zoe's on-board charger is probably not compatible with CHAdeMO.

At the moment only Tesla's super charger + a model S is up to true Cross country driving.
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