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Originally Posted by S406 View Post
I am need to replace my front bumper and I am looking for opinions. I am from the audi world and we over there are against all the ricer looking bs. Im sure the same opinion is shared here. I want to update the front end with out making it look like I am 16. What are my options here? Ive looked at a few online and am a stand still. Would appreciate your opinions oh yes this is a 93 525i
First and Foremost, Welcome!

This is mine, BavAuto DTM Splitters:
They have a lot of M5 bumpers and some lips.

Alot of people go for the Volvo lips:

Volvo Lip Thread- bf.c

Its more of just add-on stuff, lips and things. People like yellow "French" lights (like my fogs), black grills, stuff like that. Not so much a bumper as a whole.

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