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Originally Posted by fb88 View Post
How fast were you going?
Were you able to hit on the brake or was this totally unexpected?
What fast was the old man going? Was he trying to run a yellow that turned red? Was he DUI?
After crash, did BMW Assist come online since they supposedly know your air bag deployed?

Do you have the side damaged picture since you were T-boned?

Glad BMW's protection worked as expected.
Seems like you got tint on the windows.
I was going about 40mph. I assume the old man was going somewhere between 35-40mph. He was not trying to run a yellow, he simply did not see the light altogether and ran a clear red. My light was green. No DUI but he received a red light citation based on witness testimony. His insurance has also accepted liability since the accident. BMW Assist did not come online, I don't think I had that feature.

I saw him in my peripherals at the last minute but did not have time to react before the collision. I believe I veered slightly to the left which caused me to spin out a bit, jump up the curb and come to rest after hitting the streetlight.

So far I have been dealing with MY insurance company regarding compensation for the vehicle and I'm sure they will subrogate with the at-fault party's insurance company in the future.

[Edited until settlement reached]
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