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Originally Posted by sf_loft View Post
It looks great, but if you track infrequently our cars' brakes are sufficient as long as you upgrade the brake line, pads, and fluid. Cheaper alternative to entirely new kits. Brake fade usually happens when your stock lines expand, losing pressure. Getting reinforced lines is the most cost effective unless you track your car often.
Agree with your pad and fluid comments and ONE of your comments about stainless lines. Assuming we can find race friction in D1561 (front) and D1613 (rear) pads shapes, the proper friction choices, combined with higher temperature brake fluid will make a huge difference. Even the smaller 328i rotors may have enough thermal capacity to handle moderate track use.

Stainless steel braided lines will also firm up the pedal, all else being equal. Their low cost and ease of installation makes getting them a no-brainer. However, stainless lines do not prevent brake fade.

Brake fade is not caused by stock lines expanding, causing a pressure loss. Factory lines are carefully routed so they don't come too close to rotors and are protected by rotor "dust" shields. If they were heated from within by scalding brake fluid, such that they expanded dramatically, you would have far more serious brake problems.

Fade is caused by brake fluid (or entrapped moisture) boiling in the calipers, the pad/rotor interface exceeding the pads' maximum operating temperature, or in the most extreme cases, by 1-piece rotors "coning" when they are at their hottest.

Bottom line - stainless steel braided brake lines are a good thing, but don't give them too much credit. If the brakes feel "dramatically" firmer after installing them, you probably had air in the lines that was expelled during brake bleeding after installation. And they won't stop your brakes from fading.
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