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I got my 2007 335 HTC 2 weeks ago and it had a lot of minor scratches in the paint for the obivious reasons, of the previous owner not washing the car very well and rubbing the dirt into the pant, so I got my DA sander and my buffing pads, I also have 3 different grades of buffing compound, so started with the most agressive and worked up to the finest grade and after 5 hours I got all the micro scratches out. I purchased all my compounds from auto geek, the only thing I did different was after buffing I clayed the whole car, and I was really impressed on how the clay bar gets all those things you cant see but can feel with your hand as you rub it across the paint off, then I finished up with Wolfgang sealant. goes on nice and comes off easy too. I did a search on Clay bar and I think its equivalant to 10,000 grit sand paper. I see no reason why you couldnt clay bar your car every time you wash. Only thing I would get a new clay bar after maybe 5 times of use? because every thing you get off the car sticks to the clay, and if you drop it, toss it!

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