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Originally Posted by dkreidel View Post
Last summer I bought my daughter an e90 335. She is a SoCal kid, but is completing her dermatolgy residency in NYC. I bought her another set of wheels and winter tires, but she is now challenged in where to store the 18" summer wheels/tires. She lives in an upper East side highrise and the car unfortunately is parked on the street. She has asked several BMW dealers if they can store the wheels through the winter but received unequivocal "NOs". I'm in Cali and have no experience in swapping wheels twice a year - and neither does she.

Obviously many of you have homes and garages to store off-season wheels, but do any of you have suggestions on where she might be able to stash a set of wheels for less than $100/mo? She can't be the only person with this problem


Hi Dick,
I know this is an old thread, but we just launched a service that can help you in the future if necessary. It's called We come to your location, lift your car, change out the tires/rims, and then store the off-season tires for the season. Repeat again for the next seasonal change period. We also provide Switch only and Storage only services.

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