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Thanks for all the replies! I want to make sure there hasn't been any issues with the fuel systems since any fuel related parts will cost an arm & a leg.We have the same fuel as the lower 48 has except we run the winter fuel most of the year. Problem is with all the snow we get there is water. The tanker drivers have to chip the snow and ice away from the fuel dump lids and sometimes there is as much as a couple feet of snow/ice/sand his dump nozzle rests on,some do a better job of cleaning the area before unloading. Some of my fellow drives didn't give a damn if anything falls in the stations tanks. Plus the moisture that occurs after being out all day and then thaws out in the garage at night. I always run Power Service with a touch of ash less two stroke oil in the winter. I doubt the newer vehicles need the extra lubricity since they were designed to run todays fuel.I'm going to talk with the service dept at the local BMW and see if extra filtration is needed here. We only have one local stealership in the Anchorage area and without any competition,prices will be expensive if any fuel related parts are needed. I'm going to go ahead and start looking for the right car with the options I want. I look forward to the drive back to AK. I drove my car up here 3 yrs ago and had a blast. Pierre is spot on about the drive to AK,its paved almost all the way and they are always improving the roads. The only issues were the frost heaves and I was down to 10 mph in some areas and if I had waited another month it wouldn't have been as bad. Other areas one could drive way above the posted speed limits since its rare to see any police at all. I can count on needing a new windshield by the time I get home,may try the film NASCAR uses and see if I can save the windshield. I usually have to replace the windshields in both vehicles once a year since a chip like to spread once it warms up in the garage.(fixed or not) Thanks again fellas.
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