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Originally Posted by scnhra View Post
I have a 2012 X5 Sport with the 20" option wheels with Dunlaps OEM. I have a right fron that is wearing badly on the outside edge. I took it to the dealer (which I am not happy with) and was told these tire wear quick to wear and this was normal. They would not check allignment because they said it needed to be done when I replaced the tires which needs to be done. Oh yeah they only have 11000 miles on them. I am a avid car guy and work on my own stuff as a hobby. I have had numerous cars with soft tires in fact I have a 2010 Camaro and a 2000 Firehawk with soft tires in the garage today. None of them ever wore just the outside edge off of only 1 tire without an allignment issue but then again they are not a BWM.

I now am going to go get 4 new tires and place these things back on when I turn in the lease except the right front which I will have to replace. The main question is has anyone had this same issue and is it normal?

By the way the dealer is Advantage Clearlake in League City TX. I would not recommend them to anyone for service. This is from numerous issues with them that would take 5 pages to explain.
1. Common issue- the BMW alignments can be all over the place.

2. Your issue is almost certainly TOO MUCH TOE. There are many posts on this. BMW allows quite a bit of toe- you can set them IN spec, and get 10k miles...or you can set them IN spec and get 30k miles...The spec is too wide. You want toe close to ZERO. 0.01 to 0.03. BMW allows total toe up to 0.16!! (0.08 per side

3. The warranty on alignment and wear is only 2000 miles...nobody sees the abnormal wear and then it is too late.

4. Good plan on the turn in. Suggestion: Buy a single POS matching tire from ebay for $40. Plan!

5. I run PS2s (220AA rating) on the M5 and the 996TT with major camber...but limit the toe (unless it is on the track)...I can get over 20k highway miles on the M5. The tt is kinda hopeless. But better than 11k. And those are 315/30-18 tires.

6. Reject the comments from people saying 'ya gotta pay to play' and 'the 20s will just wear fast', Yes, they MAY, but until you control the toe/alignment, you are just guessing.


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