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Consumer Reports

I find it particularly rankling to have BMW fail to include a Y-connector to connect an iPod on its 2012 X35i, though it does on the X28i. I don't know about the 2013s, though.

One would think that, if anything, it would be the reverse, even though if one can afford the car, the connector shouldn't be a major issue.

But somehow it's the little things like that that can be aggravating, at least to me.

When I called and asked a consumer rep at BMW NA if a retailer would sell a TV or expensive stereo or Internet system without a remote or a power source or whatever, and whether BMW felt that it would be worth it to lose a customer to save a few dollars, the genius replied, "Well, we're talking about a vehicle, not a TV, and we feel our vehicles are the best, but you are free to choose another brand." She suggested that I take it up with the dealer where I purchased the car.

So when I did, calling Encinitas BMW where I purchased that new vehicle and have two cars serviced, they also said "Nope. Can't help you."

So I will vote with my feet, as it were, and they have lost me as a client. But the pity is that I clearly mean absolutely nothing to them, nobody will know, and nobody will care.

And there you have it.


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