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I already cleaned the ICV about 2 weeks ago

The CPS tested good

I had 20/50 in on Saturday. Sunday morning it was about a quart low, so I added some
Barrs Stop Leak since it will supposedly help valve seals. I have NEVER been more than a quart low. After driving about 80 miles on Sunday, I received a "oil level low" message only to discover that all of a sudden I was low 4 quarts? No major leaks under the car either.

No one has addressed why after installing a new CCv (the one on back of the manifold)
why I am now blowing smoke on acceleration (which never happened before) or why the CCV is howling like crazy at idle (and it never did before). Or, why the sudden burning of oil.

It isn't a head gasket. The oil and antifreeze are both very clean and the car has never overheated.

I am taking it to European Performance in Wilmington, DE. tomorrow. They are going to do a leak down test to start with.

My guess: The new extra vacuum that the new CCV is producing has made the manifold gaskets bad or they were bad before and it just became more obvious. Any thoughts?
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