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Originally Posted by namrac View Post
Thanks trucheli! I'm still learning the ins and outs of photography, so its great to hear from pros and can't wait to see your pics! especially we were in a lot of the same location! actually I JUST picked up my car on the states side yesterday in Santa Barbara, so happy to have a car finally and loving it ^^

I mainly used 7D with 50mm f1.4 or the 17-55mm f2.8. most panos were shot with 10-20 images and processed thru autopano (kickass program btw!). a couple shots were done with my phone tho.. hah. it was too much work to pull out the 7D sometimes :P

I really meant it!! I am a Canon shooter and I use to have the 7D, now I use the 5D Mark III. I mainly use the 16-35mm Mark II and the 70-200 Mark II. I used to love the 10-20mm. Great choice of lenses.
I will upload some shot later. PM me if you want some of them.
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