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Originally Posted by jpaavola View Post
I am interested in buying a X3 and have just started researching the vehicle.
I am / was interested n the 07, until I started reading this post. One of the reasons for the 07 interest, is due to the better gas mileage.
Is the Auto transmission still a issue? Have they come up with a fix for the software problems with this transmission?
I currently have a 01 330i, best car I ever owned. I do most of my own maintenance, mostly due to the great and useful information I find here. So whatever the X3 may need for upkeep does not concern me. Transmission problems is another thing.
Hello. I 'm the one who started this thread and recently bought an X3 based on everyone's help. My advice for you is to go with an 05 or 06 model. I ended up buying my 05 with 96K miles for $13,200 directly from a BMW dealer. It literally has every option possible, including some not so usual options such as the alarm system and 6-cd player installed. The biggest thing is to plan on changing all the fluids and filters after purchasing. Thankfully I already own an E46 with the same M54 engine as the X3 so the work is easy. That's something you might think about too: an 07 X3 will not have the same engine type as your e46 but an 05 or 06 likely will. Comes in handy when ordering parts or doing fluid changes on both vehicles!

Anyway, so far since I purchased my X3, I've changed the cabin filter, air filter, mats, brake fluid, coolant, and washer pumps. I plan to do spark plugs and a power steering flush next; and differential and transmission flush after that. All this sounds horrendous but I haven't spent much money so far. At least I'll have peace of mind in the future knowing what has been taken care of. One last thing you need to check into is whether or not the transmission has been reprogrammed. There is a procedure you can do to reset the transmission computer so that it "relearns" accordingly to your driving style, but personally I have still seen some shifting issues and I plan on taking it to the dealer soon for a reprogram. More or less, try to buy one that has already had the reprogram done and figure in a few hundred dollars for filter and fluid changes into the price of the vehicle.

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