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Originally Posted by kmbaczynski View Post
Thanks for your response. I feel like the brake pedal would be hard if this was the issue. While it's certainly much harder than my old Grand Prix, it doesn't feel any harder than other cars I've driven. This is provided you're talking about the check valve, not a different one. Might throw a vacuum code too???
Hey, yes this is the valve and no it won't throw any codes. When you get into your car after say a longer period of standing is your brake pedal hard ?

The only reason I throw this out there is because this bloody valve caused so many little annoying issues for me. I finally resolved it by replacing the valve.

The main two issues i had was feeling a little push when i was at the lights, after releasing the brake pedal even on level ground it would take 3-5 seconds for the brakes to let go and finally, a hard brake pedal in the morning when I went to start the car.

The sticking issue was resolved with a new valve, but the other issues were resolved by using a gasket maker sealent, now after 3 days stationary my brake pedal is still soft to press when I go to start the car.

Once your car is running I don't believe the brake booster valve makes any difference to your braking.
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