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Post AFM adjustment

You have got a VAF that is easy to adjust on a Dyno
Run it a WOT @ 4000 RPM and get somebody to turn the plastic gear (with its stop temporarily removed) to read about 13.2 AFR or 3 to 3.5 CO then arrest the gear again
I am sure the manual (which fits in 3 ring binders) also tells you something, should you not be able to do it the way I usually do it.

MAP sensor measures maniold vacuum and is best tuned with a Unichip
MAF sensors are the best as they measure the actual air mass entering the engine. These can be "tuned" with some shunt resistors, should you not be able to afford a Unichip.

If you do not have the availiability of a Dyno, you can ask somebody expandable to kneel on the fender whilst you floor it down the road in 4'th &
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