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Shoulder hits B Pillar

We've been shopping vehicles in the X3 segment and had pretty much chosen the X3. We went for an extra test drive just to make sure and I realized my shoulder rubs against the forward edge of the B-pillar. The corner of that interior trim piece is hard and has a sharp edge that digs horribly into my shoulder, especially on right turns.

It's possible I'll find a work around through lots of work trying to dial in the seat and steering-wheel settings, but sadly this looks like it may be a deal breaker for the X3--it makes little sense to buy a vehicle that it hurts to sit in. It would be great if some of the space between the front seats could be allocated to the space between the seats and the side of the vehicle. Alternatively, a curved surface (instead of the two 45-degree angles it has) with some padding would probably work fine.

For perspective, I'm 6'2" tall (187cm) but long in the torso as opposed to having long legs. This means that I move the seat all the way down, but not all the way back (which would solve the problem except I can't reach the pedals properly).

I also sat in an X1 and an X5 with no issues, but the X1 is to small for us and the X5 is too big. Both the X1 and X5 have different B-Pillar trim apart from the fact that I sit in a different relative position.

I'm wondering if any other wide-shouldered drivers have encountered this problem and have found a work around.
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