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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
If you feel vindicated because I have not provided any link, so be it. As I said, there is nothing wrong with not wanting to see outside of the box. I am not interested in helping you if you are not interested.

Those who may give the ATS a look are more than capable of punching in a few letters and find those discussions on other sites. Posting forum links here from a competing brand is often not appropriate.

Posting third party reports and comparison tests are different.
Not to be condescending, but If you are so adamant that the ATS is so good and that plenty of BMW owners are switching/will switch, why are you still posting in this forum? For a BMW owner, in a BMW enthusiast forum, one would assume you'd be advocating for the position taken by BJ and the like...

I think the ATS is a huge step in the right direction for domestic car making, and I applaud Caddie for the effort. However IMHO, I don't think the refinement is quite there yet. It does appeal to a different demographic than is standard for Caddie, and the "V" will most certainly be viscous, but its got some growing to do to be considered top class like the BMW 3er. It also needs to prove its place in front of Audi and Mercedes, both who have made excellent cars in the past (but neither able to de-thrown the 3er consistently) and will be releasing new C class and A4 designs very soon. Perhaps as Caddie evolves the platform and revises the design it will continue to get better and better. However, BMW will continue its evolution of the 3er and so the rat race will go on..

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