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It is right on top as I recall. You might have to take the top cover off of the unit. When I pulled mine, I started to take the screen out and then I stumbled upon the ribbon cable and remembered a post from someone else talking about that chinzey connection method. I was working to pull my screen out and order a replacement because I had lost the color blue. But when I thought about that posting I tried cleaning those contacts reassembled it and plugged it back into the car. Everything was good after that until about two months ago. Now I get a scrambled screen once in a while, but like I said, I can open the panel like I'm going to put in a cassete tape, give a light tug on the ribbon and the screen works fine again. So I need to pull mine out again and clean the contacts. It has been about two or three years since I had to clean them the first time. I don't think I had Deoxit on me at the time either. This time I have some Deoxit cleaner and preservative. I expect that to keep the contacts good for hopefully an indefinate time period. If you search these threads some more you might find a picture. I could post a picture the next time I pull mine out, but unless it goes out and stays out, I have too many other alligators to fight off right now. Plus, if the sun is shining, I'm cruisin' in the Z4.

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