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Battery keeps draining.

Story goes: I was working on my car and after I was finished I drove it around. Parked it and finished up. Well in the process of finishing up and leaving I left the lights on. *Dunce cap* Which obviously drained my battery. I got a jump start and figured the alternator would charge up the battery while I drove around town for a couple hours. Well, it didn't hold a charge for anything and needed to be jump started the second I turned the key off. So I figured I needed a new battery. (This one was getting old anyways) 1 day later with the new battery installed and having drove around all's dead too. So I'm thinking, well ****. Maybe the alternator crapped out on me and that's why the first battery wouldnt hold a charge. So I shell out some more money on an alternator and change it out myself. Get a jump start again and BAM it's working like a champ.....4 hours later I'm back at square one. The battery is dead. So I'm stuck. I've read around and people have said perhaps something is draining the battery? I don't see that being the case because before this whole deal the battery was just fine. Little help? Advice?

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