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Pretty much most of the functionality is the same in terms of service and user adjustable items. On the X1, there is no indication of engine coolant or oil temperature or brake fluid level.

The engine oil level is roughly the same. Both the picture in iDrive and the electronic dipstick display show minimum, 1/4, 1/4, 3/4, or full once the engine is fully up to operational temperature, which can take anywhere from 10-20km of driving. To access the Board Computer display, toggle the indicator stalk until it reaches the engine oil symbol, then press BC.

For service intervals, the vehicle must be stationary. Toggle until you see the vehicle and "Service" displayed, hit BC to enter the menu. Toggle the switch up/down to display the remaining mileage and/or time, in the order of urgency. The symbols are self-explanatory.

The user preferences are found either under the key memory menu (symbol is a key, duh). These are also accessed when the vehicle is stationary. The 3x turn signal, DRL, pathway lighting timer, lock/unlock settings are all found here. There's also a menu for units so you can switch the Board Computer to the proper units (C, l/100km, etc...)
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