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Originally Posted by aleks001 View Post
Hey, yes this is the valve and no it won't throw any codes. When you get into your car after say a longer period of standing is your brake pedal hard ?

The only reason I throw this out there is because this bloody valve caused so many little annoying issues for me. I finally resolved it by replacing the valve.

The main two issues i had was feeling a little push when i was at the lights, after releasing the brake pedal even on level ground it would take 3-5 seconds for the brakes to let go and finally, a hard brake pedal in the morning when I went to start the car.

The sticking issue was resolved with a new valve, but the other issues were resolved by using a gasket maker sealent, now after 3 days stationary my brake pedal is still soft to press when I go to start the car.

Once your car is running I don't believe the brake booster valve makes any difference to your braking.
Great info - thanks for the details. Since you added the detail about the symptoms related to that valve I'm guessing that has been the cause of my brake "stickiness" since I bought the car and just assumed that's the way it's supposed to be (though my symptoms are a little less severe than what you mentioned).
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