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UPDATE.....New CCV and NOW it decides to make noise???

Took the E34 540 to European Performance in Wilmington, DE this morning.

Results from smoke test: Loose hose on CCV and i have a more significant leak at the throttle body than I thought.

John replaced the loose hose free of charge. The CCV is still howling like a b#%. I also have positive pressure when the oil fill cap is removed. Before I replaced it, I had no vacuum or pressure, but no howling/whirling sound either. The old one was bad as noticed with lake of oil in the manifold and the oil coated gasket.

Since they understand that I am not an idiot and can actually work on my own car, they suggested a new CCV and to replace the throttle body gasket. Not sure how the new CCV would have went bad so quickly. My thought is maybe the leak at the front at the throttle body just immediately caused it to fail since I was pulling in too much air from the outside?

He stated I should start with the obvious and that it would probably fix it. With a bad CCV and a bad throttle body gasket, I am not getting enough vacuum to evacuate the oil correctly.
He did not suspect that I needed anything major like valve seals or manifold gaskets.

Since he is also a personal friend of someone that I work with who has been taking his car to this shop for over 20 years, I have to appreciate his input and honesty.
Any other shop would have kept the car for several days and charged me a fortune!!!
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