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I also have the Tech package and do not see a USB port in the console. If you don't have the cradle (wouldn't work with an iPhone 5 anyways) you will need to connect either via Bluetooth or via the USB port in front of the gear selector or in the glove box. Resting the phone in the console even if there were a USB plug might lead to overheating. I do have the cradle (with the fan) but it requires me to take my phone out of its case so until I get a new case (one that slips on/off easily) I've been using the port in front of the gear selector and sliding the phone in the little recess/pocket that is there. You can easily tuck the cable under the phone and it allows some airflow at least.

I thought I had read that there was a USB port in the console as well, but there isn't one there. Maybe in models w/o the tech/idrive package?

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