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Originally Posted by ish View Post
We live in Ramsey and were w/o power from Monday to Sunday night. Since my office in NYC and our local HS were also powerless, we made the decision to bail on Wednesday morning and head for our beach house in NC.
Our house is an 1890 Victorian, steam heat also, but I have a small 3000kw, very quiet & efficient Honda generator that will run for 20 hours on 3-1/2 gals of gas. I ordered it after last Octobers storm and it is the perfect fit for my needs.
The biggest problem a lot of my neighbors had was finding enough gas for their gen that burned 1/2 gal per hour.
Very glad to hear you made it through okay.

I joyride through Ramsey at least once a week, nice town. My house is from 1910 with great steam heat which I couldn't get going. But the gas fireplace kept us warm, the gas stove let us cook, the gas water heater let us wash.

Question: Is your 3000kw generator enough to get the boiler to heat the whole house, keep the refrigerator going, light the rooms, and give you at least 1 TV to watch? In the end, those 10 days without power it really boiled down to those things- whole house steam heat, lights, fridge, 1 TV. Would have been just fine if we had that minimum.

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