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Originally Posted by stuartjohn24 View Post
Hey 745iguy,

I had the same issue with the oil pressure switch! it had been leaking for ages and meade a complete mess of the engine bay and air con pump! all cam off with a steam cleaner though!

Anyway, interestingly i have exactly the same codes as you, do you have any driveability problems? mine bogs down and is sluggish, im suspecting a fuel pressure issue as ive fitted a brand new MAF and cannot find any vacuum leaks, engine vacuum seems OK as its very difficult to remove the oil filler cap with the engine running.

Im busy buying gaskets, timing chains, chain guides, water pipe etc... to overhaul the engine in the new year, strip heads, re-cut valves and seats, fit new valve stem seals, clean secondary air inlet ports etc.... will swap out the O2 sensors too and hope for the best!

Hello stuart

ya its a mess over there, once im positive there isnt anything else leaking over there im going to try and get in there with something also, when i was watching it drip every few seconds and the engine had been off for 30 mins, I can imagine with the engine running
Well, for the sake of just replacing things as apparently the PO of my car probably didn't do much other than maybe oil changes; I will probably just replace the front O2's but first ill replace the Fuel filter as its much cheaper and see what that does as far as the lean codes and my idle, engine idles around 600-700 at idle, i hear people say theirs idles at 500.
as far as my secondary air codes go IDEK what to say they stood off for so long with the eu3 DME flash and they were there with the lean codes when i checked so now but im definitely not paying more than or equal to the value of the car to fix that

as far as driving, I have no issues what so ever; no jerking or hesitation, just a high idle and poor gas mileage
good luck with your overhaul also; but im sure with the wealth of information here you will have no problem

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