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Bimmerfest E36 Calendar

*********UPDATE********* Fee collection has begun. Click HERE to payment details.

********UPDATE******** A full 50 copies have been requested, so everyone on the waitlist WILL receive a copy.

******UPDATE****** Voting is now CLOSED. Payment instructions will follow shortly. Thanks to everyone for participating!

Top 13 winners (most votes to least, from top):

7 (poorboysracing)
11 (cj.surr)
6 (Shigeta)
12 (LOW36)
14 (TRaV MaNN)
1 (kdoherty)
16 (FenderBender)
25 (Los)
21 (Mr Gusta)
4 (B1MM3R)
24 (ZeGerman)
13 (EnserioJose)
18 (SCJon)

****UPDATE**** Voting is now open! Click HERE to vote for your 13 favorite photos.

**UPDATE** All 50 available copies of this calendar have been reserved. The photo submission period has now been closed.

The goal:

To produce a calendar displaying our E36s in the best light possible. We're looking for creative, high-quality photographs which go beyond your garden variety smartphone snapshot taken in your apartment parking lot. They don't have to be "professional" photos, but they should be composed well and taken with quality equipment. Calendar production has been limited to 25 copies.

Who is eligible?

Any member of Bimmerfest who owns an E36 is eligible to submit a photo of his/her car. Since there are many of us, and only 12 months in a year, final photo selection will be conducted by an open vote. All photos received by the submission cutoff date will be entered into the voting pool. The 12 photos which receive the most votes will be selected for the calendar.

How are we going to pay for this project, anyway?

Good question... I've found an online printer which charges $227.5 for 25 8.5x11" calendars (or $450 for 50) with a metal spiral binding and 100# gloss paper, in color. That boils down to about $9.00 per calendar, but there will be additional charges in the form of shipping (both to me (or whomever) from the printer, and then back out again to everyone who wants a copy). I don't anticipate these extra fees to add up to much, however.

With regard to actual collection of the money, I was considering setting up a Kickstarter. That way we can establish a neutral system whereby we set a rigid amount and date, and if those terms are not met, the money gets refunded to everyone. Anyone have a better idea for this?

General rules:

Just the basic, common-sense stuff. Photos submitted must be of your E36, not an E36 owned by another person which you took a photo of. The idea is that we want to feature member cars only. It is acceptable to submit a photo of your E36 which was taken by a person other than yourself, provided you have the written permission of the photographer who owns the copyright. No watermarks or other forms of advertising are permitted. Also, photos must not contain offensive (or potentially offensive) content. Keep it PG... In order to keep things fresh, photos must have been taken during this calendar year, beginning on January 1st to today's date.

Also note that you are not limited to submitting "standard" exterior photos of your E36. Feel free to submit a photo highlighting any aspect of your E36, including the exterior, interior, engine bay, various close-up details, etc.

Where do I submit my photo?

Please submit ONE photo in this thread by December 10th, 2012. Make it a good one! I will compile all photos submitted here to create a voting system at a later date. Once voting has ended, I will contact the winners to get the full resolution original image file to be used for making the calendar. I have not yet determined when the submission deadline is, so we'll just keep it rolling for now. Once we have set the submission deadline, and then reached it, the voting process will begin. This way all photos received by the submission deadline will have the same amount of time to be voted on.

People committed to buying a calendar:

1) crisscross
2) Brad31late
3) EnserioJose
4) FenderBender
5) Kdoherty
6) TheFinanceGuy
7) Poorboysracing
8) drive by72
9) dc_wright
10) miles_trail
11) TnT817
12) hornhospital
13) Dino1394
14) Thee_Antic
15) drivenfaster
16) B1MM3R
17) ZeGerman
18) LOW36
19) cj.surr
20) OrionsGate
21) E36 Phantom
22) TRaV MaNN
23) Mr Gusta
24) Gooby
25) SCJon

*Names added to waitlist in order of request.

1) jonesin (x2)
2) Njohc
3) TRaV MaNN (second & third copy)
4) OV2310
5) Shigeta
6) JayDizzle92 (x2)
7) southpark11235 (x2)
8) EnserioJose (second copy)
9) E36 Phantom (second copy)
10) FenderBender (second copy)
11) Dino1394
12) SCJon (second copy)
13) B1MM3R (second copy)
14) hornhospital (second and third copy)
15) LOW36 (second copy)
16) petriej
17) Arrow
18) Norcal325
19) Los
20) Mr Gusta (second copy)

Total (including waitlist): 50

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