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Originally Posted by voip-ninja View Post
An LCD TV needs about 100-150 watts. High efficiency light bulbs are 10-15 watts each. Newer refrigerator is about 60-150 watts when the compressor is running, which is not all the time.

I can't speak to your other items, but 1000 watt cheap generator from Costco (a good Honda, etc) should be able to provide more than enough power to "live on" for at least several days assuming you have enough fuel to operate it.


This looks like exactly what you need. Runs on natural gas and produces more than enough power to run your entire home for an extended period of time as long as gas lines are still operable... and if those go down it can run on light propane, which should be very readily available at lots of places.

For a man of your means this should be a no brainer.

However, this little Yamaha puts out up to 2000 watts which is more than enough for the "essentials".
Awesome, thanks so much.

I've got a plumber and an electrician coming later this week to size up my needs and strategize a solution. Must be natural gas, not interested in any gasoline lines. As ish pointed out, not interested in my neighbor's situation where he had to conserve generator usage because it swallowed gasoline so quickly. To your point, I may not need much power because really it's just the boiler to get the radiators warm, a couple dozen lights, and a FiOS DVR/HDTV setup.

Thanks again.

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