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Wheel Alignment

My car, 2006 X3 is pulling to the left (RHD car) and although i paid for an alignment last week when i got new tyres it actually felt worse than when i dropped it off, pulling more to the left, my feeling is that the alignment was not done at all and when i asked about what they did they claimed BMW don't let you adjust the wheels and its difficult to align and he then changed around my front wheels so my directional tyres are now back to front as a solution!

Well guess what my car is still pulling to the left and im putting in a charge back on my credit card for this BS wheel alignment.

So seeing im now going somewhere else soon for an alignment and get my wheels put back on correctly so my tyres are directional again is there anything i need to ask about in regards to getting this done right on an X3?
2006 X3 3.0D

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