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Originally Posted by ish View Post
BJ - the 3000 was enough to run 2 ref, 1 LCD tv. Cable Fios box, Internet router, gas fireplace controls and therm and a couple of lights. ( I also ran a toaster, lol ) I didn't connect my boiler because we left town before it got really cold but it could easily handle it as it is just control equip, damper etc.

This unit can also be set up with an ATS, but for now I was running 2 12ga extension cords from my barn to the cellar.

If you have the money for a whole house genset than do that instead, but the Honda was $1800, it has suited my needs, and I can set it up at either house.
These types of storms are so rare I'd rather not spend $6K if I don't have to.

The $1800 Honda still requires there a version of it that runs on natural gas or are the only natural gas models very large and thus very expensive?

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