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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
As long as you do not disagree with BJ, for example telling him you are not a 100% badge whore, or you want to drive a 3 series for something other than showing people how rich you are, or insist that you only represent 2% of the 3 series drivers out there, then you should be safe with BJ.

Or if you can't for the life of yours understand what I was talking about above, you should be fine with BJ's jokes too.

Just make sure you do end up driving an F30 Luxury trim very soon, no, not just an F30 with some other stupid trims, because if you drive anything else he will stop talking to you.

BTW, what are you driving now, again?
BJ has mellowed, isn't that guy from 2007 anymore. You missed the memo.

BJ doesn't appreciate E90 owners who come into this forum and take a dump on the F30. I don't think I'm alone in that regard. The ATS stuff was relevant back when it was just a rumor; now that it's here and it's not selling and we can see it's garbage, these threads are just a waste of time. Can be fun, but even that's run its course.

You own an E90 and there's a really good E90 subforum. Perhaps it's time to make some noise over there.

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