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Originally Posted by maxeaus View Post

My other issue is that although 700ml came out of the transfer case it took around 900ml to fill it as i must of been sloping slightly downhill, im wondering if anyone thinks i should drain a bit out and is 900ml too much fluid?

Just for the record i have approx 93000 KM on the clock my transfer issue came on around 87000km's.
Same thing here with the fluid change. I changed mine about the same time. It looked like dark chocolate milk. When I filled it I put in about .9 liters. The noise and feel seemed to go away pretty much completely.

Then I started to get nervous that I overfilled it and ended up dumping it again (was pretty dirty again, but NOTHING like the first time) and refilling with exactly or as close as I could get to .7 liters. Much to my surprise, the noise came back. Yikes.

So, I went looking and through this forum found the following:

I followed that and topped back up to around .9 or so liters. The noise is now gone again and it feels quite good.

I found it very disturbing as when I dumped the chocolate milk the first time, I measured it and it was exactly .69 liters. Scares the crap out of me that this thing was probably running underfilled all that time. Oh well.
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