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Mein Auto: 2007 E61 525d
2007 525d - EGR/Brake/Clutch & Tyre Pressure

I recently purchased a 2007 E61 525d, it has a full service history 1 owner co director & 120k. Since I have owned it (aprox 4 weeks) I have had the Thermostats replaced and a bonnet catch. Now when I bought the car I knew that it had a DPF regen done at the dealers, so figured the thermo's would need to be done. Now the issues,

EGR - When the thermo's were being done the garage (Bexley Motor Works) put it on the computer to read the emissions error. This came through as EGR related, since the thermos have been done its only flashed up twice for a day or so then disappeared. Will I need to clean this out (I guess it won't hurt) or will it burn through the excess cr@p ?

Brakes - Bexley when looking at the car informed me that the brake servo (drivers side under the filter) was sitting in a allot of water, they cleared the drainage holes and we decided to see how it went. This has been fine for the past 3 weeks but the warning light (Brake Assist Failure) came back on again today.....knackered servo ?

Clutch - Bexley also informed me that the clutch was very low and a spring was missing to return it to its full travel. They were unable to source the specific part and I am in the process of chasing this up...Anybody know which bit will fix this ? clutch seems fine apart from that (though notchy when cold, just like my old e39 M5)

TPM - After the trip back from the garage this popped up, not a problem they may have had the wheels off. So I re-set it and it was fine until today.....I am thinking that I should take readings from all 4 tyres, re-set it and wait till it goes off again and read the tyres again. Its on 18" Run Flats, new ABS sensor ? - Checked tyres last night and all but 1 are 42psi (1 @ 18psi) have filled up to 42 and re-set. will await the "ping"

Bluetooth - Wife has a Blackberry Bold 9900 and the cars bluetooth will not drop the calls. I have read many a post on-line telling people to suck it this correct ? Is there nothing that can be done ?

Keys - Missing a spare key, are they really 140 ???

As per usual, none of the above was apparent on the test drive or for the 150miles back home from picking it up
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