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weird behavior

I have something that just popped up recently on my 97 528. One Sunday morning as I was driving to the Miramar Air Show at +90 mph (hey, it was Sunday morning and no one was on the road), my emergency flashers came on, all the doors unlocked, and the dome lights came on. I first thought it had something to do with the speed, or I may have hit the emergency button (but how does that also trigger the other items?), or maybe it was just some Karma joke telling me to slow down, which I did after turning off the flashers (no need to draw any more attention to myself). When I finally parked, I noticed that the dome lights would not turn off until I unlocked, then relocked the doors. This also happened to my wife and son, and to me again a few days later. One very big downside of this is that we might not lock the doors and the lights stay on which drains the battery, and now I need a jump. I cannot relate it to anything else being turned on or off, and am told it might be related a module which might need to be replaced. Any thoughts?
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