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Originally Posted by Romanianbimmer View Post
I'm not sure yet. I kind of want to do as much as I can aside from painting. I think I can do everything but paint and radiator support. Doors I can take off and swap everything over. And hood and fender and headlight I can take off and mount. Hopefully it won't need to be pulled. Thanks guys!
When you work on the doors, don't reuse any of the trim panel fasteners and consider replacing the vapor barriers as well. Buy all new fasteners and the sealing washers that go with them. Saving a few bucks here will cause you no end of water leak headaches later.

That's a nice car; I hope you can resurrect it. I notice some scavengers already pinched the roundels and side marker lamps...nice. I see from the photos that it's an xDrive--is there any suspension damage in the front end? If the right front wheel took a hit--and I don't see how it could have avoided it--you will probably want (need) to replace the half-shaft/CV joints assembly at that corner. I would be worried about the front diff and maybe the transfer case too. None of those components are especially fond of being overstressed in unusual directions. You could just wait to see if any of it fails later, when your checkbook has recovered a bit. But at least inspect it all.

$8500 for the car, targeting another $6500 for repairs? I wish you luck with the project but I think that budget is going to be tight. Hood, fender (is the left one repairable?), front bumper cover & all grilles/trim parts, bumper structure and supports, airbag(s?), two doors, glass, radiator, A/C condenser, engine fan, intercooler, wheel arch, headlight assembly (NOT cheap)...and that's just the obvious stuff. Plus a little sheetmetal work at the right rear quarter panel, plus a unibody pull...and a couple hundred for a four-wheel alignment when you're done. I hope you've lined up a friend to do the paint & bodywork.

As floyd suggested, you need to PM rubberismoney on this board and talk to him. He brought a 335 back from the dead--in worse shape than yours IIRC--and if anyone here can help you source such a wide array of expensive parts without breaking the bank, it's him.

Good luck!
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