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Agreed. The internet is full of anecdotal support for 30k mile ATF change which people take as gospel and in the same vein manufacturers recommendations are completely disregarded.

I see it time and time again with this brand. People make the irrational and to be honest contradictory confidence in that BMW knows how to design great vehicles using high performance parts but they know absolutely nothing about maintenance .

An interesting example od this is that years ago a local shop had on their website a picture of a customers sludged up BMW I6 and made a comment about BMW's OCI causing this type of sludge. Well because of this the internet was a flurry of all these owners crapping on BMW OCI. I called BS on them because this Indy shop lifted the pic off the internet and the actual story behind THAT engine was that the owner never changed the oil and/or used regular dino juice which wasn't formulated for the factory OCI. The shop was having difficulty getting a straight answer from the owner.

To this day I see photos from that engine popping up.

I just think people should have relevant information from the horses mouth when possible. The decision in the end us theirs.

On side note I saw an online site suggest the incorrect motor oil for a U.S. spec 335i when that brand specifically states not for use in US models. The vendor didn't give any qualifier to using that brand which they should have.

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