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Originally Posted by 8355adam View Post
Looking to point my girlfriernd in the right direction when she comes to upgrading her 96' E36 when it reaches the 250k mark in a few months.

I have an E90 330i and love it. Since i will be able to drive her new car i've suggest to her to check out the 135i and the 335d.

so the question is what is more "fun to drive" and what is the better "performer"?

I know the diesel gives up some 0-6 vs gas model but is it noticeably slower given the torque? from all the stuff i've already read it seems to be a simple choice between power at the low end or the high end?

We both enjoy driving and lean towards performance orientated vehicles but practicaility, fuel economy, and cost are also on the list as things to consider.
Performance is in the eye of a beholder.
135i will outperform a 335d on the track, twisties, etc., but will be less practical if you need to haul some stuff while driving - so your call, or better yet your GF's call.
335d has torque, space and fuel economy over 135i, 135i has everything else over 335d.
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