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Originally Posted by roger955 View Post
My inclination toward the normally aspirated engine is prompted by what I perceive as superior reliability. I don't want to get bled to death by the dealer's service dept. The downsides? - it's not as quick as the 335, and the ZF trasnmission is more responsive. No, it's not a DCT, but I don't want to spend the $ for an 335is with DCT and I don't want a rough ride.

Part of me says if I'm going to give up the utility of a Touring, I may as well go big or stay home, and buy a 335, but the other (rational) part says, "hey, you want relatively trouble-free - the 328i is fine."

On a related note - aside from the ease of a built-in Nav (love it on my Porsche), does the idrive on the E92 offer other pluses, or is it regarded as a PITA, aside from the convenience of not messing around with a portable Nav (cord, hiding the unit when not in use etc. )
Ya know, it's interesting about reliability, especially if you read the forums without a discerning eye. Yeah, the 335i had a big reliability problem with the fuel pumps, and while every car was impacted it was very isolated and relatively easily fixed.

But the 328i engine has Valvetronic - which wasn't introduced on the turbo motor until the N55, which in early years (2007/8) had the valve tick problem, which required head replacement to really fix. Remember, the Valvetronic adds a motor, positioning cam and followers for every intake valve. This certainly doesn't lessen long-term reliability. BMW's got a pretty good handle on Valvetronic, but still, added complexity equals (generally) lower reliability.

There are quite a few Nav/iDrive threads. The conclusion is that the integration offered - ability to transfer addresses from phone to Nav, complete car option control, BT integration, etc., adds enough value to make it a worthwile option. However, if you just want simple Nav functions and lifetime map upgrades a Garmin/TomTom or whatever is a much better value. Remember that, with iDrive/Nav, you have to pay (through the nose) for map upgrades. And if the screen or other appurtances break it's very expensive to fix (I've seen $2500 bills touted.)
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