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Originally Posted by joegr View Post
Funny, my Lincolns have single grounds on the plugs and they have a 100K mile service interval. They still looked okay at 100K miles when I changed them.
I'm not sure why BMW picked the four ground design, but I don't believe your theory at all. All four grounds should erode at about the same rate. There's no way that one is used up, then the next, and so on. Look at the pictures of the removed plugs, all four are still there, and all four probably have about the same wear.

I like to stick with what was designed in, so for the BWM, I replaced the plugs with ones with four grounds. For the Lincolns, I used single grounds.
And I am sure the lincoln uses Platinum plugs correct?

If you bench test plugs as much as I have you get to see and know how they end up working, I also have helped develop spark plugs on certain applications.

multiple tip spark plugs are designed for the reason I have talked about before. I have tested many spark plugs and ones that do offer some performance over others are silver spark plugs. Others like pulstar, E3 etc are just gimmick plugs.
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