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Originally Posted by Dirtbag View Post
Then the BMW is too technical for an experienced non-BMW technician? I've never in the 55+ years of driving been tied to a specific dealership, but then maybe I'm being naive. Granted most of my vehicles have been American made, the only so called exotic would have been my Alfa Romeo Milano. This is not a sarcastic reply, only trying to get real world experience.
Sorry, I was not on a computer, so you really didnt get my full thoughts...

I do all my own wrenching, pretty much, after warranty, Acura, Infiniti, Porsche, BMW, VW, Dodge, far. So it would concern me.

As I re-read, you are not looking for a car with a warranty (even an 07 with a 6 yr warranty will pretty much be done soon)... so you are not technically tied to a dealer. If you would be buying a car with a BMW warranty, you (pretty much) must use the BMW dealer.

Technically speaking, anyone can fix these cars- I do. You can look stuff up, trouble shoot, load the BMW software test tools on a laptop, etc. You need to be pretty smart and pretty dogged though. BMW does not make nice neat tools like Ford or Acura- Service manuals that lay it all out there, etc. Plus these cars are increasingly software based, and not many indies in Montana will buy a license to load E70 code from BMW via their internet backbone...just sayin'

PRACTICALLY speaking, is there a qualified mechanic near you? If there answer is "Yeah, there's a guy they only does BMW and Volvo for the last 20 years- I stopped by and he has a dozen E70s that he sees for service" then you have a local mechanic.

No matter what you do, GET A PPI done prior to buying a car. Dont assume the salesmen will tell you- and dont assume they even KNOW. Salesmen purposefully dont look in the horses mouth...

Dont be afraid to search around here and over on lots of info on 'what options were available' and 'what do I look for' and ' whats it worth'... also you can find folks selling their single owner X5 or even turning in leases...better way than using a dealer, IMO. Ive found that owners tend to lie less.


Keep it as simple as possible...but no simpler.

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