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Angry E60 Mechatronics for RPM Surge

I have read many posts regarding issues with BMW's with the steptronic transmission where RPM's either: stutter; flutter; surge; hiccups; bounces; etc....

This seems to occur when cruising around 30-40 MPH and @ ~ 2,000 RPMs. It is ever so slight, you might miss it if you blink,m but a quick RPM drop, then returns. Does not appear to occur at higher speed/RPM combo, or at same RPM in Sport or Manual mode.

Another associated symptom seems to be a slight delay when shifting into reverse. As it progresses you start to leak tranny fluid, so unless you have an extra car, time to resolve becomes an issue, so forced to pay to have resolved asap.

I have a 2004 E60 545 with 39,000 miles that recently started experiencing this issue. Several trips to indy and BMW mechanics were unable to resolve at much time and expense. So I took to the internet. This website has been most informative.

There have been many suggested fixes such as: bad gas; MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor; 02 sensor; fly by wire; fuel filter; CCV; carbon buildup; tourque converter; spark plugs; VANOS; computer software updates; retrain the "learned transmission"; transmission control module; etc...

Other suggested workarounds were to drive in the Sport or semi manual mode, however this only masks the issue into other RPM ranges.

After reading many posts, it appears there seems to be a manufacturing defect with the ZF mechatronics plastic parts were micro cracks impair the functionality.

There are no error codes, so BMW does not cover under warranty. There are no service bulletins directly. Related SIB's are: 24 08 06 and 24 03 09.

Sort of a catch 22 here. BMW warranty won't cover the repair because there are no error codes, but BMW didn't program any error codes for this issue.

Unfortunately repairing the mechatronics is a $3,000 - $4,000 job which occurs near or after warranty expiration.

There are some stories of PUMA cases (the highest level of BMW tech support) and others of BMW goodwill warranties for parts and owner pays ~$1K labor, but these are diminishing in today's economy.

There are many other's calling for a BMW recall, or class action lawsuit, but I didn't see any final formalization.

Does anyone have any update? Has BMW accepted responsibilty to resolve? How many BMW's are impacted by this?

Can you buy a new mechatronic, a rebult one, or best to replace components of your existing?

Can this be done by an Indy? I read has to have the program on site, else can't drive without risking damage to transmission.

BMW needs to come clean on this, else I'll never buy another BMW product again. I don't have a problem with issues, just have to own up to them to instill product quality and loyalty.

I'm disappointed in BMW and will likey choose a different make in the future.
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