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Originally Posted by christopherr117 View Post
Thats whats blowing my mind. Do you think that the fan wasn't tightened properly and over time wobbled and broke?? Or maybe the wrong size fan or shroud were used? How would the malfunction not be sooner though? I really do not think that I know enough to figure out what caused this. This repair will put me dangerously close to $5k worth of maintenance for the year which is unacceptable to me. I'm get very impatient with this problem child.
I don't think they put the wrong fan in. Your car is, at oldest a 2000, unless I'm wrong. The fan is specific - the only choices are really the fan for an automatic or manual vehicle. But the wobbling over time is definitely worth considering. My thought, however, is that the simplest answer is usually the correct answer. In this case, considering you just had an oil change a week ago, I wonder if that shop didn't screw up on something. Honestly, I think this is a case where we may never know and unless you can find proof of something oil change related that they screwed up on and caused this tragedy, I don't know what else to say.

It is possible too that that they aren't familiar with BMWs and thought the oil filter was somewhere else. Maybe they started "digging" around and in the process loosened something up that cause this. If you search long enough, surely you'll find clues. Something has to be missing from somewhere that caused it. If not, the fan is the only culprit.

$5000 for maintenance is WAYYYYYYYYY too much. What the hell have you done this year? New engine or transmission?

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