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Mein Auto: 2004 545i is what I did on mine, but I'm at 180K miles so no warranty

I saw a post once where someone found that if you floored it right when that blip happened it would get it to throw a transmission error but no clue if that will help

You can buy a rebuilt mechatronics / valvebody unit (that comes from ZF ultimately) with oil pan for about $1500. If a mechanic couldn't change it out in 3 hours I would be finding a new mechanic. I pulled mine, changed solenoids, put it back in (1st time), spent a while getting the oil level right, put the plastic covers back on the bottom of the car, took a shower and played with the dog in about 5 hours total. And that was on the ground in my parents driveway.

I'm surprised it's doing it at such low mileage though, that really sucks. I'm not sure how BMW's warranties work.. If your mechatronics seal suddenly sprung a leak and fried the whole transmission after you lost a lot of fluid, would they replace it under warranty?

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