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Post Had to go back to dealership

Final report on this whole process. Lesson learned, try not to break your BMW at the first place. It is gonna cost a lot no matter what.

Item fixed off the list:
--Break fluid flush $128
--Drive belt changed $180
--Rear diff input shaft seal $603

I went to one Indy shop get first two two item fixed, and saved only $45.00. Later, two Indy shops found out they can't fix the last item after a day inspection. Luckily, I don't have to pay for inspection, but that did cost two extra day.

Went back to a different dealer to fix the last item. Surprisingly, they charge $214 over more than the first item(after negotiated price and one more inspection at this new dealer).

The new dealer thinks the last dealership made mistake on calculating labor cost, so they can't match the price. If I go back to old dealer their schedule are full and can't get the car done in 2 days.

Would be better if I just finished everything at the first dealership at the very beginning. I would have saved money(spend $165 more) and time(took extra 5 days).

Oh well, at least everything is repaired now.

What would you guys do differently?

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