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Originally Posted by moots View Post
totally agree....i bleed mine whenever required with nil issues at all.simple and straight fwd.
+1 I need to say (because I've spent a lot of time with the M52). Bleeding on a hill is nice but not required. On the '97 it is critical to see the fluid coming out of the bleed screw on the upper hose (T-stat housing). I think most people are just filling to the expansion tank line and that's not a sufficient check.

I think the coolant issues on the e39 mandate going to NPG waterless, for low pressure. I've been running it for years on two e39s and it's great.

Stopping at a light and seeing the needle go hot, then cool when moving - classic for e39. First to verify is coolant level, because at idle all the bubbles settle out and the head gets exposed to an air pocket. Next I would be thinking cracked head starting to inject air. After that I think in very few cases the problem is thermostat or water pump, but it can happen.
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