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Ok well I recieved my Bently manual in the mail. This is a nice piece of information to have. I have had others before and this one is no short of excellent!

Got around to testing my pumps (lift and in-line) and both seem to be operating correctly. I also checked resistance on all injectors and all are within spec. I checked the fuel pump relay and that was fine. And I also did bently's fuel supply test which also netted a passing mark.

On that last note the gas that is being pumped out of the tank is some of the nastiest "gas" I have ever seen. It is brownish and very very dirty. It's no wonder the car accelerates poorly, is hard to start at times. Im betting the fuel filter is clooged like no other and possibly the other hard lines too.

I dont want to drop the tank, however I think i will need to. I have a siphon pump that I will use to suck out the 1/4 tank of gas and try and clean out the remaining crap somehow. Then I will be getting a new fuel filter (maybe 2 or 3 seeing as it probably will clog again) and filling up with new gas. Hopefully my issues go away. Wish me luck. Thanks again for the help.
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